3 Best ways to send Money to India from USA

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3 Best ways to send/transfer money to India.


Before start sending to India what are the things we need to looks at?

  1. Good exchange rate.
  2. No transaction 
  3. Speed delivery
  4. Reliable.

As per my knowledge best ways to transfer money in order

1)  Ria Money Transfer is the one of best service in terms of exchange rate without transaction fee.

Register Ria Money Transfer here

  1. Very Good exchange rate.
  2. No transaction fee if you use your bank account,they say it will take 3 days to reach to destination account but for me it never took more than one day after verifying your bank account.
  3. They also has premium services and it will take only minutes to get money in India account.
  4. You can even send 10 dollars for free.
  5. Reliable.
  1. No mobile application.
  2. Free transfer will take one day.
2) Xoom transfer is one fastest way to send money to India.

Register Xoom here

  1. Very fast in terms delivery.
  2. Very Good mobile application.
  3. Competitive exchange rate.
  4. Reliable.
  1. Exchange rate is low compared to Ria and Transwise.
  2. Any transfer less than 1000 dollars transaction fee is applicable.
3) Transferwise also one of fastest way to send massive transfers.

Register Transferwise here

  1. Best exchange rate even better than Ria.
  2. Very good mobile application.
  3. Very good for bigger transaction.
  4. Reliable.
  1. Transactions fee and on any transfer(no free service).
  2. Slow in terms of delivery.

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