Things must carry for first time to U.S.A

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when we travel first time to U.S.A,we like to know what are the best things to carry

First of all i feel you really don’t need to carry any thing specially since you can buy it here cheaply after you get used to places here.Any how you need some of the things needed initially.

1) 2 Good big Travel suitcases that i can fit 23 kg’s each so that you can pack check-in luggage.

2) 1 small suit case which you can carry along with you in flight to keep all your important things like laptop,documents,jewels,clothes.

3)1 Bag pack with lap tap rack,this bag going to be useful when you go office or college to carry books/Laptop.

3) Get some 5 pairs formal clothes,two pair of formal shoes(black/brown),1 Leather Belt and one blazer so that you can wear for any interview otherwise really not needed.Same way carry 2 or 3 pair of casual wear,2 pair of sleep wear and one pair of casual shoes(do not carry many shoes,shoes are really cheap).

4) For winter get one pair of thermal wear and one jacket not more than that because you will get it here cheaper than India with better quality.

5) Coming to inner wear get 7 pair inner wear(why seven pairs because we don’t to need wash every day,we can do washing in washer and dryer only once in week).
6) Don’t get many casual wear,T-Shirts,socks because those are really cheap here.

7)Get spices so that you can start cooking initially.

8)Get some snacks,pickles home made as much as you can,it will be handy.

9)Get some bowls like 1 for rice,1 for curry,1 for tea and tea filter.1 pressure cooker for dal,1 plate,2 small bowls,2 glasses,2 spoons,2 forks,rest you can buy in Indian store.

10)One power Adapter(India to USA) so that you can use charge any Indian gadgets.

11)2 combs,1 soap,1 small shampoo,1 small winter cream,1 Gillette with blades if you really shaves otherwise don’t you can buy good trimmer for 20 dollars,seriously you don’t need to bring all these because you will get all cheaply in wall mart store but just to start day.

12)Get some medicines for cold,fever,body pains and motion control tablets.

13)Bring some shirt buttons,jeans button,threads and stitching pin so that you can stitch if you lost any clothes buttons.Here you hardly find tailors.

14)Bring Smart phone because you can buy prepaid SIM card and start using it.

15)Bring your Indian driving license so that you can rent car drive initially.

That is it.Rest you can buy here very easily.

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